My Visit to a Better World


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My Visit to a Better World - A Fateful Train Journey

Publisher Description
Is our today's world actually still worth living in? Isn't everything overshadowed by worries, problems and difficulties?
Do you often wonder how everything is supposed to keep on going? The euro, the EU, refugees, demonstrations, terror, the economy, the environment, health, pensions, etc, etc, etc ...
Things are coming to a head everywhere, everything is getting more and more complicated and difficult and there are no solutions or ways out in sight. The fear of a collapse or even a war is growing. Where will it all lead to?
If you have such concerns, you should read this book, not because it will distract you from the problems but because it presents a practical solution - and, above all, because it gives you a clear idea of what your everyday life might look like concretely if a few things are changed.
Join us on the journey to a better world and return with a vision which is absolutely tangible and can be implemented with just a certain amount of concerted commitment.


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